*high fives you* those dresses are awesome!

I know! So gorgeous I am really jealous I have no excuse to buy the last one because I need it in my life!

Does gen straighten her hair often?

Gen’s hair is naturally straight so she probably doesn’t straighten it everyday, she usually wears her natural texture unless she’s going somewhere fancy pants :)

What: Kris Furillo inspired formal wear
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can you do a kris furillo formal wear inspired look.

Of course, I’d be happy to! Do you mean formal as in looks she wears when she attends post race parties and clubs or do you mean formal as in when she occasionally has to go to court and she wears a pant suit? 

2 days ago
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Hey, do you know where i can find the top gen had on when she wore the Eugenia Kim black and white wide brim hat

Because of the quality of the picture, its sadly one of those items that is near, if not impossible to find the exact match though I did give it a good old go more than once :)

What: Kris Furillo’s look in 2x12 ‘For Love or Money?' of Wildfire
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Look Request: Kris Furillo's look at the end of "For Love or Money?" (2x12) Thanks DLG!! xx

Come right up lovie! X

The Look: Gen’s nails at the People’s Choice Awards
Dupe: Loreal ‘Addictive Plumb’ 503 | £5

Tip: To get Gen’s look, undercoat your nails with sheer nude or clear polish first. Once completely dry, use these stickers to create the half moon shape on your nail bed and paint with your chosen red on the nail above.

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The Look: Gen’s nails at the My Yacht F1 Club party
Dupe: Topshop ‘Solar’ | £6

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The Look: Gen’s nails at the Paleyfest Event celebrating Supernatural
Dupe: Essie ‘Allure’ | $8.50

Tip: Pale shades are usually quite sheer so lots of thin coats are key to achieving Gen’s opaque look. 

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